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Mer 14 Lug 2004 16:50:41 CEST


We used to register our .it domain name.  We recently
attempted to update our address, telephone number and email address and
were told that we must create a new user account with that company and
pay a charge of ?19 AND transfer the domain name from our old account to
our new account.

This is outrageous.  It is a violation of ICANN Rules to charge a fee
for an address amendment.  Likewise, it is a non-sense to require users
to create a new account simply to amend one's address.

This company is a member of your organization.  Please contact them
regarding this violation.

We paid the fee--actually we paid ?38.00 because we also needed to
change the address with our .de domain name as well.

Thank you,

Amy Jackson
You've Got Post Limited

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