publishing mails without auth. from person in question

nullsender qreymer a HOME.SE
Gio 22 Lug 2004 11:17:22 CEST

Hello NIC-IT Crew.
You should not publish mails without asking, haven't you learn'd that? Maybe an ehtics school would be something for you all. Not only do I get flooded with spam, you also let anyone on the internet intrude on my privacy. And I can't believe you are stupid enough to publish what you say about your customers when making fun of them, you think it will give you a better image or what? This isn't What I see is an organisation with employees acting like kids, just a big damn joke.

"Hai chiesto la sua autorizzazione a pubblicare il messaggio? :-) /Gian Carlo Ariosto"

- No, they didn't ask a shit, sadly I see some irony in your mail.

First I think Claudio Allocchio should go find another job, and it wouldn't hurt getting rid of Alessandro Ranellucci too. I remember a very bad response from Claudio, I wonder why that response wasn't published in the archieve.

I want all my mails removed. (An excuse would not hurt either.) Goto the following URL and search for "" without the qoutes.

I believe all the mails are listed there.

// gio

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