publishing mails without auth. from person in question

Gio 22 Lug 2004 18:04:28 CEST

Dear //gio

I'm not speaking on behalf of NIC-IT, because I'm simply a list member. This
is only my opinion.

I think that if a school of ethics would exist you should sign immediately

Italian NIC-IT authority is a very serious organization, like the most of
country code TLDs, ICANN and so on.

Making such stupid questions as "can I make money with .it domais?" or
"please let me register so I can sold it and make a lot of money" it's
simply outrageous.

What did you expect instead of making fun of you? An official reply?
Do you think NIC.IT should set up a "moron office" for messages like yours?

About the publishing of your e-mail address, we all have this problem.

This is a public list, your inquiries are public even if they are made
directly to the President to his official address.
If you don't like this, don't write here.

Finally, a suggestion for you: Austria has the .at suffix.
What about "" them? :-)

Have a nice day.


>You should not publish mails without asking, haven't you learn'd that?
Maybe an ehtics school would be something for you all. Not only do I get
flooded >with spam, you also let anyone on the internet intrude on my
privacy. And I can't believe you are stupid enough to publish what you say
about your >customers when making fun of them, you think it will give you a
better image or what? This isn't What I see is an organisation
with employees >acting like kids, just a big damn joke.

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