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Gio 22 Lug 2004 18:33:32 CEST

Thanks for all replies everyone, I can't thank you enough. Thanks.
All my questions have been answered.
All my thanks goes to:
Lapo ( quixe a )
Alessandro Nosenzo ( ita-pe a )
Gian Carlo Ariosto ( ariosto a )

Thank you so much, and I am sorry if I was rude.
Lapo ( quixe a ) wrote:

Dear //gio

I'm not speaking on behalf of NIC-IT, because I'm simply a list member. This
is only my opinion.

I think that if a school of ethics would exist you should sign immediately

Italian NIC-IT authority is a very serious organization, like the most of
country code TLDs, ICANN and so on.

Making such stupid questions as "can I make money with .it domais?" or
"please let me register so I can sold it and make a lot of money" it's
simply outrageous.

What did you expect instead of making fun of you? An official reply?
Do you think NIC.IT should set up a "moron office" for messages like yours?

About the publishing of your e-mail address, we all have this problem.

This is a public list, your inquiries are public even if they are made
directly to the President to his official address.
If you don't like this, don't write here.

Finally, a suggestion for you: Austria has the .at suffix.
What about "" them?  :-)

Have a nice day.


Alessandro Nosenzo ( ita-pe a ) wrote:

I can understand your point but not at all the form you use.
First of all the ITA-PE has nothings to do with the Italian NIC that
is an other company.
ITA-PE is just an Association and a mailing list (without employees
and even without any money handling).
As any other mailing list the contents is public and of course you
can use some easy measures to awoid spam when posting in a mailing
list (peraphs the same shool you suggest should help you).
You should be gald to know that Claudio Allocchio will go away from
this Association as the Association itself will probably close soon.
The ML will survive to the Association and you will more then welcome
to write your opinion in there.
If you wish to get the cancellation of your data in the Mailing List
you should act against the Naming Authority Italiana (association
owning ITA-PE in the person of his president Mr. Claudio Allocchio)
and sue them or call them in front of the Garante della Privacy
(, my opinion is that the behaviour of the ITA-
PE is correct as they are not publishing any data other then your
message: by writing your message to the ML you should know that it
will be public and of course you agreed it.

Alessandro Nosenzo

Gian Carlo Ariosto ( ariosto a ) wrote:

> At 11.17 22/07/04 +0200, you wrote:
>> - No, they didn't ask a shit, sadly I see some irony in your mail.
> You saw right.
>> First I think Claudio Allocchio should go find another job, and it
>> wouldn't hurt getting rid of Alessandro Ranellucci too. I remember a
>> very bad response from Claudio, I wonder why that response wasn't
>> published in the archieve.
> Maybe because it was a private response, like this.
>> I want all my mails removed. (An excuse would not hurt either.) Goto
>> the following URL and search for "" without the qoutes.
>> I believe all the mails are listed there.
> Yes, they are:
> Date:         Wed, 16 Oct 2002 21:15:28 +0200
> Reply-To:     Assembly of the Italian Naming Authority <ITA-PE a NIC.IT>
> Sender:       Assembly of the Italian Naming Authority <ITA-PE a NIC.IT>
> From:         giovanni <qreymer a HOME.SE>
> X-To:         ITA-PE a
> Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
> Hello.
> I am 17yrs and live in sweden!
> I would really like to buy but it isnt possible.
> I wonder if the three letter rule could be discussed and maybe changed?
> Please think of it!
> I really want this domain, I can pay double price or something!
> You wrote to the ITA-PE list: every message written to the list is
> archived and published on the web. The archived messages can't be
> removed.

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