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Ven 23 Lug 2004 18:18:17 CEST

Dear Ms Jackson,

I wrote you to inform that you have sent this e-mail to a mailinglist called
ITA-PE, which is a discussion forum between individuals. The company Namebay
(as a legal entity) from Monaco and/or its Italian subsidiary can not be a
member of the ITA-PE.
Even if their representative was a member, this would not have an influence
on the working methods of the company Namebay, nor on its function of being
a maintainer of the ccTLD Registry .it, or being an ICANN Accredited
Registrar..... in other words : in the best hypothesis you have written to
the wrong e-mail address.

If you intended to contact the Registry for the ccTLD, this is the e-mail
address : hostmaster a

When looking at the contents of your e-mail, we noticed that there is some
confusion ...

"You've Got Post!" wrote:
> We used to register our .it domain name.  We recently
> attempted to update our address, telephone number and email address and
> were told that we must create a new user account with that company and
> pay a charge of ?19 AND transfer the domain name from our old account to
> our new account.
> This is outrageous.  It is a violation of ICANN Rules to charge a fee
> for an address amendment.  Likewise, it is a non-sense to require users
> to create a new account simply to amend one's address.

I do not wish to comment on the commercial relationship between you and
Namebay, nor do I wish to defend or condemn the commercial policies of third
parties, but I would like to stress that the issue outlined by you is a
simple matter of a commercial relation between the customer on the one hand
and the service provider on the other hand.  Therefor, this is not a matter
of competence for the ccTLD .it, nor is it for ICANN in case a gTLD is
involved.  The fact that ICANN (actually the different gTLD Registries, such
as for instance VeriSign for .com and .net) do not impose fees for the
modification of the address information of a domain name holder, or other
contact information in general, has nothing to do with the state of affairs
for a ccTLD such as .it
For your information : the ccTLD .it does indeed impose a fee, equivalent to
the one of a new, annual, domain name registration, when changing the domain
name registrant.  Nonetheless, we should keep in mind that the Registry's
policy decision has nothing to do with the commercial relation between you
and Nambay, since deciding over the tariffication applied by its Registrars
(maintainers), offering services to their customers, does not belong to the
competences of the Registry.

> This company is a member of your organization.  Please contact them
> regarding this violation.

An answer to this request was provided in the first paragraph.

> We paid the fee--actually we paid ?38.00 because we also needed to
> change the address with our .de domain name as well.

I am sorry, but we are once more on the wrong track.  For issues related to
the ccTLD .de you should contact Denic eG located in Frankfurt.  Their
e-mail address : info a  I can already confirm that the same remarks
apply as the ones we outlined for .it

Kind regards,

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