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Sab 24 Lug 2004 10:20:26 CEST

Hej, friend!
I have just had a GREAT idea, an honorable proposal for your
I will send you some male-samples for your zoo.
Also, you will send me the same quantity of blond-female-samples
from your country for us.
We are not racist, and we will very happy for their arrival.

Thank you.
Enzo Viscuso
(abuse a

qreymer wrote:
> Thanks for all replies everyone, I feel so overwhelmed by your primitive
> and arrogant way of acting, you all remind me of Totti.
> I was thinking about opening a school of ethics in Italy,
> very needed there, none of you know behave.
> But then I figured out that I would probably earn more if I opened a ZOO
> in Sweden to let the swedish people watch you.

Will you accept also Euro's for visiting your zoo?
I say the italian ones, those dedicated to Dante, Botticelli, Michelangelo,
Fredrich II, Leonardo da Vinci, Boccioni?

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