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qreymer qreymer a HOME.SE
Sab 24 Lug 2004 10:51:33 CEST

I wouldnt import you if I was a racist would I?
Racist means you don't like somebody for the way they look, I simply
don't like you for the way you act.
(I probably don't like they way you look either, but I will not judge
you by that.)
I don't believe in races but you seem to do that.
"We are not racist, and we will very happy for their arrival."
Ofc you're not, you are primitive and you penis will rise up in the sky
when they arrive... which they will never actually do.
So Enzo, use your hand or go to your hairy women.

Anyway, I am not going to use this email account anymore, all I get is
spam and retarded mails by you people.
But keep mailing, just don't expect an answer. :)

vincenzo.viscuso a wrote:

> Hej, friend!
> I have just had a GREAT idea, an honorable proposal for your
> business.
> I will send you some male-samples for your zoo.
> Also, you will send me the same quantity of blond-female-samples
> from your country for us.
> We are not racist, and we will very happy for their arrival.
> Thank you.
> Všlkommen!
> Enzo Viscuso (vincenzo.viscuso a
> qreymer wrote:
>> Thanks for all replies everyone, I feel so overwhelmed by your primitive
>> and arrogant way of acting, you all remind me of Totti.
>> I was thinking about opening a school of ethics in Italy,
>> very needed there, none of you know behave.
>> But then I figured out that I would probably earn more if I opened a ZOO
>> in Sweden to let the swedish people watch you.
> Will you accept also Euro's for visiting your zoo?
> I say the italian ones, those dedicated to Dante, Botticelli,
> Michelangelo, Fredrich II, Leonardo da Vinci, Boccioni?

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