{Spam?} crystal crafts manufacturers of china

KingRobet fjj177 a 126.COM
Mar 4 Lug 2006 12:29:15 CEST

Dear Sir or Mis
I find your information on the internet.We are looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with your company.
We are a Chinese company ,specializing in making crystal crafts. We can supply the goods with high quality and low price . We can give you the wholesale price.Please visit our website to get more information : www.crysdy.com
I have send you some pictures of our products.They are in the inclose ,plesae check it .
If our products can not satisfy you ,would you please kindly introduce some of your friends that engaged in the import and export of crafts to me?Thank you very much indeed.
Your early reply will be appreciated.
Best wishes.

Tel: 86-579-8086871
 Fax: 86-579-8086172
E-mail: fjj177 a 126.com

      Yours sincerely
 China crysdy crystal crafts Ltd.
                                        King Robet

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