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Hi all. Unfortunately, and due to heavy work committments last year,
very little has been added to this group or the Jacklow program

Recently a major upgrade has been going on with a part of my home
site, and now the JackLow program along with my other games (Cosmic
Footy - Wild Bingo - Crash Tourney) are now being rereleased as

You can pick them up from the new site: http://www.coxcasinos.com
which will come live within hours, or

There has been some headaches with making JackLow into Freeware as the
most recently updated code for the online records seems to have gone
awol. If you have been a member here for a while, the download
actually used to contain the complete source code (about 12mths -
18mths ago).

If you have a copy on your drive from this time period, please let me
know as i'd like to properly ammend the registration process.
Otherwise, we will have to endure sending everyone off to this link:
http://www.coxplaza.com/cgi-bin/step1.cgi (all are authorized to view
this page, and follow instructions properly for registration to work)

Do we have any new champions out there?

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