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P.M.B.1171 GARKI,


Dear Friend,


First, I must Solicit your strictest confidence in this
transaction,this is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential
and top secret .

I am the Foreign Liaison Officer of (Relief West Africa Agency). We
were empowered to administer a trust fund of well over five hundred
million United States dollars (US$500,000,000) by the Africa Union and
United Nation refugees Agency for the provision of relief materials to
troubled areas in the West African Sub-region and her environs.I recently
discovered a payment for the supply of relief materials that has not been
paid and when i went through the file in order to contact the supplier,
from the address and tel. and email contact i discovered that the supplier
of the relief materials amounting to twenty million and five hundred
thousand United States dollars only (US$20.5M) Mr. AUTHUR PEEVER his wife,
Barbara and their children were involved in a plane crash(EGYPTIAN AIRLINE
990) with other passengers aboard as you may confirm through this
website: thereby
leaving no beneficiary to lay claim to this contractual payment of this
twenty million and five hundred thousand United States dollars only
(US$20.5M) unclaim.

As Foreign Liaison Officer appointed by the Africa Union and Ecowas i
have decided to make this payment of US$20.5M into a foreign based account
for our personal use and benefits and I have therefore, as a matter of
trust to look for an overseas Partner to whom i could transfer the sum of
US$20.5M legally subcontracting the entitlement to you/your company.This
is based on the fact that our civil service code of conduct forbids us
from owning foreign company or running private foreign account while in
service. The simple mode of the transaction will be just for us to apply
for the payment of the funds to you or to your company for Relief welfare
materials purportedly supplied. We shall arrange all paper work and get
approval for the release of the funds with documentary evidence of the
communities and people in Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Ruwanda, Guinea-Bissau,
Zaire,Ivory coast and Sudan where civil war is currently going on, who
have all benefited from the materials purportedly supplied by You last
year.I have all records of purchases and supplies.

All logistics are already in place and all modalities worked out for
the smooth conclusion of the transaction within Twenty one [21]working
days upon commencement on receipt your full name or company name if
any,address, direct confidential telephone and fax line for
correspondence).This information will enable me make the necessary
applications and lodge claims to then concerned authorities in favourof
you/your Company. i wish to commence an importation business of
agro-allied machineries and investment in real estate in conjunction with

Your assistance or partnership will certainly be rewarded with the
percentage that we shall agree on before the commencement of the
operation.It is important to state here, that no risk of any sort is
involved,now or in future. Please, note that an invoice shall be raised to
meet the cost of materials purportedly supplied by You to the tune of
(US$20.5m) and forwarded to the office of the Chief Accountant of RWA
Agency for payment.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter via e-mail

Thank you very much and take it that, Confidentiality is our greatest

Yours Sincerely,


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