{Disarmed} [jacklow] Hello to all from coxplaza.net

daanco2004 daanco a IINET.NET.AU
Ven 2 Feb 2007 06:24:24 CET

This site has had cobwebs growing in the corners for some time, and 
I'm setting about cleaning things up.

I have deleted the 500 or so messages so as to make a fresh start, and 
anything that I found of relevance apart from the adds that very rude 
people think that they can just come in and place where and when they 
like ... I have responded to.

All is a buzz again with the release of the latest Jacklow title, and 
is available for download in the "Links" section of the Menu at left. 
So start sending them down the green again, and post some messages in 
this forum as I love to hear how people are going and what they are 

I will do my best to respond to all who have any comments for me 

Good Bowling, David

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