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Mar 17 Feb 2009 10:27:38 CET

appropriate only if this meeting will lead to productive results by President
evaluation made with some criteria anyway not clearly better defined.
This sounds wrong respect to what is stated in the bylaw, unless, of course,
we all agree that the bylaw is just a collection of hints rather than rules.

> As per your request of factual proofs, I simply beleive there is no need
> of such data, unless you doubt that there were meeting on March 7th and
> previously in January.

In italiano:

Non mi interessa conoscere quali sono i motivi che hanno ingenerato una
convinzione piu' o meno soggettiva che l'assemblea annuale possa essere o
meno produttiva.
Ho chiesto quali sono i motivi oggettivi, e quindi riferiti a fatti od eventi
verificabili da chiunque, che impediscono che si tenga la dovuta assemblea
Si noti che la richiesta non e' stata  fatta un minuto dopo la scadenza ma
dopo tre settimane e dato che al momento non ci sono ancora indicazioni

English version:

I'm not interested in knowing what are the reasons that are currently leading
you to think that the due yearly meeting will be productive enough or not.
I asked to know which objective facts or events (being objective they can be
verified by anyone) are currently making impossible for us to have the due
yearly meeting.
Please note that I'm not asking this just a minute after the given time limit
but three weeks later and because there are no sure info available.

> Chissa'... qualcuno dice (probabilmente giustamente) che non so
> l'italiano... forse cosi mi sono spiegato meglio

In italiano:

La risposta e' assolutamente comprensibile ma non e' correlata a quanto
richiesto. Puo' certo essere che mi sia spiegato male e spero quindi che la
richiesta formulata in lingua inglese possa essere d'aiuto.
Rimango in attesa di una cortese risposta.
Cordiali saluti
Giorgio Griffini

English version:

Your answer is ok but it is not related to what has been asked.
Maybe I was not able to fully explain what I was meaning so I hope that the
english language version of the same question will help.
I'll remain in wait for a your kind answer.
Best regards
Giorgio Griffini

PS. Mi sembra un modo un po' dispendioso di rispondere ma mi adeguo.
PS. I think this is a time-consuming way for answering but that's anyway ok.

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